Star Service ~ by Alexis Penney

donation-based astrological natal chart readings

text based - yields a 20-30 page original document unique to your individual natal chart

$80-160 suggested donation

live readings - a live, intuitive reading from your natal chart and what current planetary challenges and gifts you may be experiencing

$20-30/hour suggested donation


How can I better understand myself?

What is my purpose?

What are my deepest needs and how can I articulate those to others? 

Where am I inside of this life cycle and where am I headed?

How can I create a more meaningful life? 


These are just some of the questions which may lead you to explore an astrological reading. From pure curiosity to a feeling of deep need, people from wall walks of life and belief systems have found value and guidance in the self-knowledge that an astrological natal reading can yield.

Each reading includes a copy of your natal chart - which displays the relationships between the celestial bodies at the moment of your birth, and their current transits - and a comprehensive divinatory reading from your chart breaking down the planetary placements within the Zodiac, aspects and their potential meanings for your journey in this life. These readings typically run around 10 pages long and can be an invaluable, experiential tool for self-discovery and development. Star Service readings are designed to be accessible for anyone regardless of their level of education, experience or awareness of astrology, and come through a lens of queer theory and politics, agnostic earth-centered spiritual practices and social justice. The practice of holistic astrology is designed to situate the journey of an individual person within a collective and interconnected cosmology, wherein every facet of a person is reflective of a facet of humanity and nature at large; each planet, sign and element carrying their own unique gifts and challenges on your soul's journey in this life.

Your reading also includes access to the Star Service ~ Introduction to Embodied Astrology, an original document prepared with astro novices and veterans alike in mind, so that you can deepen and explore your understanding of yourself and astrological knowledge at your own intuitive pace.

β€œThe change will come from those who know they do not exist separately but as part of the river.”

  • Eve Ensler, In The Body Of The World (2014)

Weaving together pagan, Spirit and earth-centered perspectives with archetypal psychology, mythology and a deep awareness of the needs of the body, a Star Service reading may be your next step on your soul's journey of self (and Self) knowledge. 


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Alexis, a double Aquarius with a Scorpio moon, has been a student of astrology since childhood, and has always found the lens of Western astrology to be an incredibly accurate and often challenging tool for understanding and developing the self. A lifetime of journeying, training and instruction within various spiritual and divinatory practices, and 4+ years teaching movement and meditation have opened Alexis to the deep need in humanity at this time for authentic, experiential practices for making meaning and choosing right action in a rapidly changing, interconnected world. Alexis is very grateful to be able to offer these services on a sliding scale, by donation, in a spirit of deepening their knowledge and experience of the astrology and serving the communities most in need. Much love and blessed be <3