Star Service ~ Holistic Space Cleaning, Clearing & Care-taking

by Alexis Penney

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How can I better care for my living / work space? What functions do the spaces I inhabit serve?

My space seems clean on the surface but something feels off, what can I do?

What needs do I have of my spaces and how can I clarify those to all who inhabit them?

How can I create a space that feels clean, clear, functional and cared for?

How can I create a space that feels loved, alive, sacred and meaningful?


These are just some of the questions which may lead you to explore our holistic space clearing service. We at Star Service believe that spaces are a sacred resource, bodies in macrocosm, and must be cared for as an extension of the interconnected ecosystems of the earth in order to function optimally. Just like the air in your lungs and the blood in your veins must move and flow, so must the energy of your space be moved and breathed by regular, intentional care. Beyond the purely physical act of cleaning, we strive to acknowledge the holistic and mysterious nature of all things, so that beyond just being cleaned each space feels clear of any unnecessary, stagnant or otherwise problematic energies and ultimately loved and cared for. From scrubbing the toilets, to dusting the door frames, addressing cleanliness and organizational issues, to addressing the spirit of your space as a being in and of itself worthy of respect and the spirits of the land on which it sits, with offerings of love, labor, custom cleaning products, essential oils and sacred herbs, Star Service Holistic is here to remind your space how to be the living, breathing, loving and loved temple that it is. We can bridge the division between matter and Spirit by taking Right Action in our world.


Our Services:

cleaning - addressing the physical, with a nod to the metaphysical, a cleaning will leave your space feeling cleaned, clear and cared for in ways that echo through many dimensions

clearing - for the issues that seem to be beyond the physical. this may include divination, consultation of land-spirits, guided ritual and recommendations for integration, ceremony and follow-up

care-taking - regular (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) cleaning and clearings by our team, great for building intimacy and relationship within and without a space and addressing the issues that may not fully reveal themselves in one or even a few sessions. 

organizational coaching - from a complete organizational overhaul to a one-on-one or group consultation, we can help you address the unmet needs you have of your space and facilitate personal and/or group process to get those needs met.

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Spaces we service:

personal homes / apartments / rooms

business / professional / community spaces

event spaces / pop-up events / art & music spaces

religious / spiritual / sacred spaces

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Alexis Penney is currently the lead care-taker at Navel, a community arts and technology incubator in downtown Los Angeles, and is first-year student of the Cycle of Transformation, lead by Christina Pratt of the Last Mask Center for Shamanic Healing. They have developed the Star Service model of holistic care-taking for spaces based on a broad spectrum of experience, from over a decade in the restaurant industry, devotional service inside of religious institutions, to several years managing high-volume community yoga studios and developing site-specific group ritual and performance. Alexis approaches each space like they would a body, with individual needs relative to the bodies that inhabit them. A lifetime of journeying, training and instruction within various spiritual and divinatory practices, and 4+ years teaching movement and meditation have opened Alexis to the deep need in humanity at this time for authentic, experiential practices for making meaning and choosing right action in a rapidly changing, interconnected world, and Alexis strives to bring all of these tools to bear in their engagement with the homes, workplaces and lives of others. Alexis would like to give great gratitude and humble thanks to their ancestral helping spirits for passing on the gifts and wisdom of many lives given in service and care of bodies, homes and the Earth. Much love and blessed be <3