Community Movement ~ Holistic Movement & Meditation Instruction

by Alexis Penney

public, small group or private classes

taught online or in person

accessible & negotiable rates / free consultations


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Community Movement is a non-local holistic movement, meditation and metaphysical health program started by Alexis Penney in Los Angeles in 2017. Our perspective is that holistic movement can be made accessible, affordable and effective (and even fun!) for every body, with respect for each individual's experience, ability and needs. Classes are designed and lead with an ethic of accessibility and non-violent communication, and can be adapted for one-time or long-term programming for individuals, small groups or large public groups or communities. We have particular experience with beginners, elders, queer, trans and otherwise gender non-conforming people, the currently and formerly homeless, those living with the effects of trauma and addiction, people with disabilities and those experiencing chronic illness and mobility issues. 


We believe that vibrant, holistic health is a dynamic state of being in process, and that in facilitating self-development in this way we can facilitate our collective development as communities, cultures and as a planet. 


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Alexis is a spirit and body worker who has been teaching movement in various forms for over 4 years, including over 3,000 hours of teaching, interaction with hundreds of students and teachers in training, including the formerly and currently homeless, people with disabilities and those experiencing mobility issues and chronic illness. They are a CYT 240+ and have taught both full-time as a teacher and as staff for over 10 yoga teacher trainings, including in Hatha and Vinyasa styles, with extensive additional study of Kundalini yoga, elemental ritual, mindfulness meditation and various other intuitive and energetic modalities. They are currently a first-year student of the Cycle of Transformation, in the Last Mask Community, lead by Christina Pratt and Langston Kahn, and are a life-long student of Spirit.